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Warehouse Rock Academy

We are a private music school in Conroe, Texas with an emphasis on Rock and Roll music lessons.

Our program is unique in the fact that our students receive a 45 minute private 1 on 1 lesson with their instructor. Each full program private lesson student at the school is also assigned into a rock band in which they rehearse once a week as well for 1-1/2 hours. This gives our music students over 2 hours of lessons per week, which is the number of lesson hours other traditional music schools’ students receive in an entire month.

We offe musical lessons from beginners to advanced players.

Warehouse Rock Academy students get over 4 times as many instruction hours each month, plus performance opportunities with their rock and roll band at the end of each semester.

About who we are

Singer and Drummer

At Warehouse Rock Academy, our students are taught songs in their private lessons that emphasize the musical element that the instructor is teaching them so the student "has fun" from day one.This method gets the typical music lesson student excited about their progress as they are learning songs from the first day and also gives him or her songs that play or have played on the radio so that the student can play along with real songs.

We feel that the Warehouse Rock Academy method encourages them to practice by making it fun!

After the 1 on 1 private lesson, at the student's "Rock Band Rehearsal" the student plays alongside other music lesson students (typically of similar maturity and skill level) that are in their band to see how their part fits into the whole of the Rock Band (Team).

At Warehouse Rock Academy, during the band rehearsal, the students learn how to depend on someone else and also the responsibility of having someone else depending on them to do their own part.

The private music lessons really start to come together at the school during the Rock Band rehearsal phase as the kids can hear that their hard work is paying off as the songs start to really develop as the semester moves along.

At the end of each semester, our school books a real venue in the Conroe, Montgomery or Woodlands area, and all of the school’s student bands perform a real Rock and Roll concert. For that concert, the student obtains tickets from the school and in turn sells those tickets to friends, neighbors, family, etc.

Our school Rock Concerts emphasize team skills similar to organized sports and help to build confidence and self-assurance of the students.

Sound Production

We require our music lesson instructors to have performance experience and most are in their own bands and play gigs or have played gigs on a regular basis. Some even have songs on iTunes and or the radio.

Our goal as a rock and roll music school is to provide your child with a full rock music experience from lessons, to concerts. Some of our more advanced students will also learn aspects of sound production, gig set up and tear down. These advanced music lesson students may also be eligible for our "House Band" and may travel locally to represent our school, Warehouse Rock Academy at various music festivals, fairs, schools, sporting events and other venues.

Our method of teaching music lessons may be "new school", but the Rock and Roll we teach is good Old School Rock and Roll music!

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